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Supra Boats Colorizer Case Study

Supra Boats, manufacturer of high-performance, luxury water sports boats, partnered with Facet Digital to redesign and develop their boat colorizer application that allows customers to customize and purchase their perfect Supra masterpiece. This colorizer would need to optimized to look great on both the website and the digital catalog app for iOS and Android tablets being designed and developed in parallel by Facet Digital.

The Supra Boats colorizer is a fun, interactive tool to get customers engaged in the creative process of building their own boat that they can personally identify with. Within minutes, anyone from 4 years old to 80 can easily design their dream boat and share it with their friends or local Supra dealer. Its versatility makes it look great on both desktop and tablet devices.

Since launch, we’ve seen some fun, unexpected uses of the colorizer – people have even made boats in their favorite team colors before games and posted them on social networks. It’s also a great sales tool for dealers to produce boat designs with customers right at the dealership and print out the specs on-site.

Read the entire Supra Boats Colorizer Case Study.

Leif Jensen

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