Leif Jensen | Principal Designer
Design, develop, launch, and scale your product with Facet Digital. Minimize risk, shorten your time to market, and increase your potential for success with Facet Digital as your experienced, all-in-one product development team.
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Leif Jensen

Leif Jensen

Co-Founder | Principal Designer


Years of Experience: 17
UX/UI Design
Information Architecture
Large scale data visualizations & analyst tools
Cutting edge device UIs
Usability & Gamification
Animation & Video Production
Digital Marketing

I specialize in designing beautiful software products that work intuitively and engage the user. I help craft ideas into tangible, shipped products that bring the client’s vision to life.


Generally, I’m a pretty caring and empathic person, and I think that comes across in the designs I create. Designing software is a great outlet for me to help make people’s lives easier.


My design process has evolved into a successful practice of solving customer needs and getting applications and websites shipped. This methodology has shipped the most successful and cost-efficient products we’ve ever developed.


I love the beginning of a project – when I’m in deep conversations with key product stakeholders, and taking in their vision. The wheels start turning. My experience and intuition kick in as we begin formulating ideas into product plans. It’s exciting when the real innovation starts to reach the surface.


I’ve been around product design for 17 years and have learned a lot from my successes and, more importantly, from the failed ideas.

I take a Kanban approach to design, looking for areas to eliminate clutter and simplify. The best design isn't always the beautiful UI, but the stuff you don't see.

Scott, Jeremy, and I started Facet Digital as a vehicle to work on cool stuff together, and to get away from the unnecessary overhead and bureaucracy that can often hold back a product from seeing the light of day.


I saw the name “Facet” on a Fugazi song title, a band that writes music from a very pure place. We like to emulate that approach to building software.


Our team has worked together for the better part of a decade. We’ve evolved our inter-team rapport to achieve a high degree of synergy and have shipped a lot of products together… and yes, I did say “synergy”.


Since starting Facet Digital, we’ve shipped every product we’ve worked on. I don’t think too many consulting and product companies can say that. It all comes down to our process and alignment with great clients.


I spent the first part of my career in video game development, with no intention of leaving the industry, until a SaaS CRM company approached me to redesign their their sales force application to mirror the intuitive design of video games. By applying game mechanics in a business context to increase user engagement, I was one of the early pioneers of modern gamification techniques.


People forget what a mess user interfaces were in the early 2000’s. “UX” wasn’t even a thing back then. I crossed over into software design because it was a new frontier for designers. I quickly made friends with the engineers and learned to front-end code to get that perfect-pixel polish in the final deliverable.


I joined the elite Surface team at Microsoft to work on an early version of their touch tabletop technology. I worked with some great, innovative people and was awarded my first patent for touch-screen input technology. This was back when touch screens were still a novelty.


I went to Central Washington University, where I studied business and marketing. It’s located in the small town of Ellensburg, WA – home of the Screaming Trees. Moving to San Francisco after I graduated was a great cultural change. I spent a lot of my free time surfing Ocean Beach and delving into the thriving punk rock concert scene.


I’ve been a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan since I was a little kid and I’m still not over the 2015 Super Bowl loss. Give it to Beast Mode!


  • Years of Experience: 17
  • UX/UI Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Large scale data visualizations
  • Cutting edge device UIs
  • Usability & Gamification
  • Animation & Video Production
  • Digital Marketing