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SYMBIS Assessment Triples Expectations

There is nothing more rewarding than when your client’s software product triples everyone’s goals and expectations. Learn how Facet Digital took the Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott #1 New York Times Best Selling book and turned it into a software product that thousands of engaged couples and facilitators use each day to build lifelong marriages.

The assessment application focuses on couples, facilitators, and the SYMBIS admin users who track all the transactions within the product. It usually takes a couple about 30 minutes each to complete the assessment from their desktop or tablet. Then a facilitator prints out a personalized assessment report and counsels the couples, providing countless insights about the relationship. “Facet took our vision and ideas and crafted them into an application that was simple to use and understand, yet powerful enough to scale for success,” says Ryan Farmer, Executive Director.

Read the entire SYMBIS Assessment Case Study.

Leif Jensen

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